Hard Work

We at Edge Global aim to be a dynamic and diverse Investment Company. We have an extensive portfolio of successfull businesses in multiple parts of the world.

It Dept

We keep our employees and investors in the future of information. These Days keeping track of change, growth and return is important

We Love our Job

Pride and Happiness fills our workers with the drive to make investors increase their returns.

The Future is Now

Edge Global is a world class organization with expanisve reaches all over the world and sectors.

Our Industries


We Like the Health Care market because it is a fast growing business with lots of room to grow. Medicines and Doctors are always an important part of the development sector..

Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the worlds oldest businesses , we believe that with the right locations we can steadily evolve the market


Investing in new companies is difficult, but we have a good track record of keeping a steady revenue and profit in our Investment Sector.